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Van rental can be delivered to any address in the Wembley area and across London with a minimum of 24 hours notice! Do not be tied to collecting your hire van from a depot in London. We will despatch a van to your requested address in the Wembley region from the nearest van hire location in UK. Choose from various of vans such as a Luton van or car derived, and if you are transporting a group of people, look at our cheap minibus rental rates.

we can supply 15 & seventeen seater minibus for hire - delivered to an address of your choice in London. Please ensure that the minibus driver has a category D1 on his/her driving licence. is a van hire agent for some of the UK's largest rental operators, including National and Sixt van hire with access to a multi-franchise fleet of thousands of modern vans and minibuses for rental offering cheap hire rates on one-way and two-way van hire delivered to any address in Wembley and elsewhere in London.

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Van rental in Wembley can be booked via our secure online booking service or you can telephone our van hire reservation team on: .

Please note that our on-line rates are £'s per hire lower than our telephone rental rates.

When your discount hire van is delivered to an address of your choice or is collected from the nearest depot, you must produce your driving licence and another form of id before signing the van hire agreement.

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